Growth CFO

Job description

Railnova is a growing company and we have a ruthless approach to process automation and IT systems, as we want to stay light and agile as we grow. 

We are looking for a smart finance person with extremely good communication skills. You should be relatively inexperienced as CFO so you can approach building the finance function without any preconception.


If you are a finance expert in a large corporate, have rolled out SAP and large entity consolidation, please don’t apply for this job, you will be miserable on your first day and it will be too hard for us make you fit. You have been warned :-)


Key Responsibilities

  • Monthly P&L, Cash Flow reporting with year-end re-forecasting
  • Maintain 5-year financial business plan and growth forecast
  • How fast can we grow? Understand our dynamic of growth, the cash cycle on projects and sales acquisition speed to fund future growth
  • Forecast financing needs, negotiate credit and debt facilities with banks and suppliers and customers
  • Analytical accounting for product profitability analysis:  provide input to sales team and team leaders regarding pricing and R&D allocation
  • Manage yearly audit and yearly accounts
  • Manage of a small team of accounting and finance specialists (currently one internal accountant person full time, one external certified accountant, and the CEO acting as CFO)
  • Be an excellent written communicator with other departments (supply chain, sales, R&D) and the leadership team


You have the necessary background and expertise to execute on:

  • Customer invoice production, long-term projects billing and recurring billing management
  • Customer invoice-to-pay
  • Supplier invoice-to-pay
  • Expenses notes, credit cards reconciliation, bank reconciliation 
  • Payroll management
  • Internal R&D financial management: keeping track of internal R&D project spend and forecasting 
  • Fiscal incentives and subsidy management (innovation deduction, withholdings tax reduction, R&D subsidies)
  • VAT reclaims
  • Identify financial processes bottlenecks, whether human or in IT systems, at suppliers or at customers and remove them one by one by driving change. 


How to apply

Press the "Apply" button and carefully fill in the 2 write-up questions to demonstrate that you are an excellent English written communicator. We will review you written submission and let you know if you are invited an interview. The recruiting process will also include a financial exercise.