HR & People Ops Manager

Job description


We are looking for an open minded, empathetic and innovative HR person to help us crystalize the way we do thing at Railnova. You will also automate all the nitty gritty details of HR. We have a very innovative approach to management, where we put the emphasis on people's self sufficiency and personal growth, and we love to makes convoluted processes easy and digital for people.



Key Responsibilites

Culture and Communication

The main objective of your role is ensure consistency of culture and communication of the team as we grow. 

After gaining a thorough understanding of how we do things and were we are going, you will focus on:

  • recruiting : design and animate the recruiting process leveraging people’s individual network, help design recruiting exercises, interview questions, animate the recruiting pipeline, train and support managers for interviews. Help us recruit great people that are extremely technically capable and that will fit well in our automomous, client-first way of working. 
  • diverse team : help us build a diverse team. In the technology sector this is particularly difficult. We want a diverse team from all horizons, cultures, languages and genders as it makes us a richer and more creative team.
  • onboarding: help us design and animate the on-boarding of new employee (where managers stay in charge), follow-up and make sure it’s happening. Help us shape an employee manual for new-joiners and existing employees, to crystallize our way of doing things.
  • performance management : help us design the process and animate the performance review process, make sure it’s done on time. At Railnova managers are responsible for performance management and checking-in regularly with their employees, but we need your support along the way to design and animate this process
  • Communication and Remote work:  While remote work is already institutionalized at Railnova, we plan to recruit more employees abroad. It requires written, asynchronous communication also by teams sitting inside the same office. This need to be build in everywhere.


HR Management 
Of course all the more usual things of HR are also covered by the role : 

  • People development
  • Leave and Sicknesses management 
  • Burnout prevention
  • Work Regulations and compliance, 
  • Prevention plan
  • Work accidents and Insurance
  • preparing HR offers and HR contracts
  • Belgian and Foreign Payroll administration
  • HR Tax rulings and reporting
  • Benefits in Kind Administration



Previous HR Manager experience with solid all rounded HR background and a passion for managing innovation and creative teams.



How to Apply

Press the "Apply" button and carefully fill in the 2 write-up questions to demonstrate that you are an excellent English written communicator and astute HR person. We will review you written submission and let you know if you are invited to an interview. The recruiting process will also include a onsite exercise down the line.