Web UX Designer

Job description

We’re looking for an experienced UX designer with a genuine passion for solving user’s problems in a complex, B2B application. We collect enormous amounts of data from trains and enable railway operators to decide in one click if the train can continue or what maintenance should be performed. A major challenge we have is to decide what data to display and how to display it to the users. 



  • Experience with fundamental user-centered, usability, and interaction design principles
  • Proven UX design skills with a strong B2B portfolio on complex, data intensive, real time applications
  • Be an expert in the tools you use and ability to build quick html prototypes (wireframing, etc.)
  • Experience across multiple device types (desktop and mobile, native and web)
  • Excellent written english skills as most communication happens in writing at Railnova.

How to apply ?

Please submit, in the cover letter field of the application form, a short summary with an explanation of a challenging B2B project you worked on, what design trade offs you made, what results you achieved, and why you think Railnova will help you achieve more in your career.